ESOMAR Best of Japan – 2014

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Attended “ESOMAR Best of Japan – 2014″ held on Thursday May 15th at GMO Research’s
Tokyo office.

Unique presentations which are different from ones for JMRA are prepared every year
and the most interesting presentation for this year was “Project for Success” which were
presented by three presenters from client side. 

In light of research phases for qualitative study including “Planning” “Execution”
“Reporting”, each presenter addressed what client size and research provider can do for
better research by showing actual practices.

In fact, similar discussion had been already done by these presenters in the “MARKETING
RESEARCH No.123″ which was an industry magazine issued by JMRA and this presentation
was something like subsequent discussion which showed more concrete suggestions based
on on-site practices.

 In general, there were two messages from this presentation.

One is that research provider is expected by client side to suggest new approaches in terms
of methodology and practices and not to repeat same thing. This message was provided by
showing successful cases used for focus groups.

 Secondary, during the discussion on “Reporting”, we are expected to show “Insight” as the
results of analysis and reporting. This means that if we can provide “Insight”, it can be the
output that client expects. This is already an eternal theme for market research industry!

 We often believe that conventional approaches are the most effective approaches (it can be
said to be the safest approach) or hesitate to made recommendations beyond data or output
from a single project.

Hearing the presentations, I realized again that we are expected to encourage clients to use
new approaches and make recommendations based on our experience and viewpoints of
professional researcher. In addition, I felt that I could look at same direction with clients.

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