Our achievements in studies involved in a wide range of industries enable us to maintain a capability of providing consistent quality services
with clients from diverse industries.
Besides consumer studies, there is our strength in business to business studies which particularly require local expertise.
In terms of B2B studies, Japan is one of markets where it is difficult to apply methodologies which usually work in other markets.
Japan is within the top 5 country in revenue of marketing research in the world but B2B study via conventional methodologies
(i.e. CATI, FGD, IDI, etc.) is yet to be recognized on business area.
Generally, this leads a lower response/participation rate and higher costs for the fieldwork.
In addition, we know that the difficulty of B2B study in Japan is related to Japanese business culture and this requires you to take Japan
specific procedures.
We have been breaking through these country specific situations and leading every single study to successful completion.
We do not only provide fieldwork service but also deliver our local expertise, tips and solutions, and lead our clients to their goals.


AutomotiveActive Safety Concept Test & PricingConcept testing
Collisions At Intersections - Statistics AnalysisStatistic Analysis
Compact Electric Vehicle Concept testConcept testing
Driving Habits of Indian Car OwnersUsage and attitude
On-board Functions Concept TestUsage and attitude/Concept testing
Cosmetics / SkincareFacial Cream In-home TestingProduct development
Skincare Products Texture TestProduct development
Whitening Product Advertisement TestAdvertising Tracking
Sensitive Skin AwarenessUsage and attitude
Cosmetics Brand ImageBrand image/Positioning
Apparel / JewelryMen's Clothing Brand Mystery ShoppingTraining/Customer satisfaction
Jewelry & Watch Maker Mystery ShoppingTraining/Customer satisfaction
Jewelry House After-Sales Mystery ShoppingTraining/Customer satisfaction
Fashion Accessory Brand Mystery ShoppingTraining/Customer satisfaction
Luxury Jewelry House Mystery ShoppingTraining/Customer satisfaction
Medical / HealthcareNew Regimen for MTCL/CTCL ConceptConcept testing
Diagnostic Process And Regimen for STSConcept testing
Molecular-targeted Agent for NSCLCConcept testing
Needs And Wants For Online Services For Medical IndustryUsability
Home Nursing Care - U&AUsage and attitude
Household EquipmentBathing Activity DiaryUsage and attitude
Compact Air-conditioner Concept TestConcept testing
Perception of Central Heating And Air Conditioning SystemPerception / Usage and attitude
Hotel / RestaurantEconomy Hotel Brand ImageBrand image / Positioning
Company Cafeteria Customer SatisfactionCustomer satisfaction
Dishwash Cleanser Customer SatisfactionCustomer satisfaction
Leisure / EntertainmentOnline Gaming U&AUsage and attitude
Karaoke Industry Market AnalysisMarket analysis
Musical Instrument Brand ImageBrand image / Customer Satisfaction
ITIT Business Service Provider Ad-trackingBrand image / Advertising Tracking
IT Governance Market AnalysisMarket analysis
IT Service Customer SatisfactionCustomer satisfaction
Industry goodsGlass Industry Market SizingMarket sizing
Ion Exchange Resins Customer SatisfactionCustomer satisfaction
Chemical Company Corporate ImageCorporate image
Semiconductor Supplier WEB UsabilityUsability
Education / NPOJapan's English Educational SystemMarket analysis
Charity Goods Customer SatisfactionCustomer satisfaction

and more!

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