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Back to 1994, I kicked off my career in this industry at a marketing research firm in Tokyo after going backpacking around in Asia.
For the first three years, I had been involved in a fieldwork management.
As there was no online at that time, face to face interviews and mail methodology were the major practice for quantitative studies
here in Japan and we were communicating with clients by phone and fax.

All what I had learnt from those three years of experience in the fieldwork management of traditional methodologies has been helping me to
provide Japan-quality fieldwork for clients across the world so far, many new research approaches have been emerging though.

My strong curiosity to learn cutting-edge marketing research practices across the world had led me to be an international project manager
in the company, then I  had been involved in creating an international division.
Although I had been happy with my promotion and my position, I had been more involved in management side than researcher side.
When 12 years have passed since I joined the company, I made decision to start my new career in order to concentrate on marketing research
as a professional researcher and established BREEZE. It was 2009.

The company name BREEZE does not sound like company name of marketing research company but it presents my spirit that we want to work
flexibly and develop unique relationship with our partners as well as clients! I have not only been accumulating know-how which I had learnt
from over 800 projects but also maintaining relationship based on trust with our partners including fieldwork suppliers, translators,
moderators, interviewers, programmers, tab houses, etc.
With helps of them, we are keeping providing quality service which exceeds client’s expectations  in any stage of marketing research!

I hope your visit to our website becomes a first touch point for a long relationship for mutual benefits.
Thank you for your time and looking forward to working with you!


Keiichi Seki
Managing Director


Founder and market researcher : 2009 – present Duties;
–   Foundation of the company
–   Assembled experienced and competent partners
–   Involved in proposal writing, research design, fieldwork management, data processing, data analysis and reporting
–  Creation of research guide for small businesses owners

International research director : 1997 – 2009 Duties;
–   Involved in proposal writing, research design, fieldwork management, data processing, data analysis and reporting
–   Training both young researchers and interviewers
–   Creation of training manual for interviewers
–   Installing infrastructure (e.g. CAWI) in to the company
–   Creation of an international research division
-   Involved in corporate planning management to enhance the presence of the company
-   Maintaining and developing local and global clients

Gakushuin University 1992 – 1995 BA Economics