We are providing a full service of market research from a day-to-day work to a whole set of quantitative and qualitative studies.
For every single project, we are committed to the quality of work which exceeds client’s expectations.
With a close and long relationship with local partners in diverse specialties,  we are always ready to meet any market research



Study design;


Data processing;

Analysis and reporting;



Maintaining quality of translation of survey materials is always must for studies conducted in different markets since everything starts from it.
Poor translation misleads respondents and output coming from it misleads researchers and clients.
Sometimes we see the translation which is correct but still needs to be improved if it is used for marketing research even it is final edition.
Translation for marketing research needs to be reviewed in light of research materials oriented for programmer, interviewers, respondents.
With our tons of translation of survey materials, we do not only review study materials in Japanese provided by client but also provide
a translation service for researchers who needs their materials to be translated into Japanese and to be checked by native and experienced
Japanese researcher. We know how questions, scales, statements and choices need to be translated.


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